Janelle Ten Have |  Teacher-Librarian |

I was born and raised on Vancouver Island and I fall more in love with the unending beauty and grace each new day. There are countless places to explore and new experiences to share with my students.

I graduated from the Education Program at Vancouver Island University five years ago. I completed High School at Nanaimo District Secondary School with a Double Dogwood, graduating from French Immersion.  I am fluent in French, and have been able to continue taking classes throughout my time at University, learning  to strengthen my French Language abilities. For the past few years, I worked  in a French Immersion school, teaching anywhere from k-7. I strive to continue learning throughout my career in teaching. Now, I am working as a Teacher-Librarian on Gabriola Island.

I had a desire for learning and reading, for as long as I can remember. I would spend my recesses in the library sorting, organizing, and reading books. I loved every minute of it. The library was a sort of saving grace for me, as I knew that I was always welcomed there, and it gave me a place to escape the chaotic and refocus. It brought comfort to me, and through this, my intrigue into the world of Literature grew into a passion that I still hold dear to me to this day. This, in fact, sparked enough of an interest in me, that I am now pursuing a career as an Elementary School Teacher-Librarian, so I can help create this safe place for students to come and explore their own paths.

That is a little bit about me, browse my blog for more about my learning experience!

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