Reflections on Phase 2

What are your key takeaways, learning and direction after all this exploration? Phase two was a time of learning, researching, and personal growth. It gave me the opportunity to communicate freely where I am at now, and where I hope to be in the future. I think a consistent theme throughout my phase two blog … Continue reading Reflections on Phase 2

Developing World Libraries

Inquiry Blog Post #4 This is a topic that has been near to my heart for sometime. I started covering the idea of weeding in my last post, and how this is something I would like to tackle this year in my library. I have talked about how difficult of a concept it is for … Continue reading Developing World Libraries

Supporting Teachers’ ICT Curriculum and Pedagogy

On going professional development: Inquiry blog post #3 Professional Collection: Most school libraries have a “Professional Collection” of resources, journals, articles, publications that can be signed out by staff members at the school. I actually did not know about this Professional Collection as a teacher, in the past schools I have worked at, and I … Continue reading Supporting Teachers’ ICT Curriculum and Pedagogy

Developing ICT Skills and Pedagogy

Blog post #2 This week’s blog post is all about exploring how I can continue to develop my own skills, pedagogy and professional development on my own, back in my own library and environment. What strategies, tools, resources and networks can I implement to maintain my explorations and development? I read Steve Pavlina's 10 Ways … Continue reading Developing ICT Skills and Pedagogy