What does implementing literacy look like to me?

It's one thing to have a personal passion for literacy, but how will I spike a similar interest in my students? I can't just stand at the front of the class and tell them why it's important to read and write, and how much more FUN life is when this passion drives the will. I … Continue reading What does implementing literacy look like to me?

The power of literacy

    I cannot fathom what life would be like without literacy. It is something that comes so easily to me, and I live my day to day life taking for granted this incredible privilege I was blessed with. For some, this is a daily struggle. Literacy has embedded itself into every aspect of life, … Continue reading The power of literacy

What is literacy?

lit·er·a·cy ˈlidərəsē,ˈlitrəsē noun noun: literacy -the ability to read and write. -synonyms: ability to read and write, reading/writing proficiency; -learning, book learning, education, scholarship, schooling "literacy and numeracy are the first goals of education" -competence or knowledge in a specified area. "wine literacy can't be taught in three hours" Literacy, to me, has always been … Continue reading What is literacy?